Humble beginnings

What Bitcoin Wisdom for Busy People is

Bitcoin Wisdom for Busy People (BWFBP) is a collection of useful educational resources for anyone who wants to learn about and/or enhance their understanding of Bitcoin, starting with the WHY and some of the most important fundamentals. It was created by a Bitcoiner for both Bitcoin novices and veterans.
However, all credits and thanks go to the Bitcoin community, the pioneers and generous contributors. Everyone has shared their knowledge tirelessly and selflessly so that the information becomes available for each of us who seek to understand Bitcoin.

...and WHY BWFBP?

To fully explain a new tech AND new money, like Bitcoin, is not an easy task and certainly can’t be done over a cup of coffee. The Internet could be an overwhelming place, especially for those who are just starting to learn about Bitcoin.
For this very reason, many of my friends have shied away from this rabbit hole. Instead, they asked me for help. After years of sending countless resources and explaining the same thing over and over again, I started to think if I should just put all the information in one place that can easily be shared.

Therefore, Bitcoin Wisdom for Busy People was born.

Since everyone is busy with different priorities in this day and age, certain information on this site has been rearranged or chunked down into smaller pieces. It becomes more digestible, especially if you only have small pockets of time throughout the day. You may choose to read a specific section or a short paragraph at a time.
Products, services and resources recommended here (if any) are what I love and use. There is no affiliation unless otherwise stated. I value authenticity and aim to share the journey as is. The original authors and creators of the content will always be credited unless it’s my own.

Meet the founder

The Short
Hi! It’s Asha here, the creator of Bitcoin Wisdom for Busy People. I am a seasoned marketer helping corporates and startups to make new tech relevant and exciting for everyday people like you and me. My true passion lies in technological applications that truly benefit mankind. Bitcoin currently has all my attention and I’m sure it still will be for a very long time. I’m on a mission to empower and inspire more people to understand Bitcoin, especially in Chinese speaking communities. This is how I do my part to give back to the Bitcoin community

The Long
I lived most of my life on two islands - born and raised in a small one called Taiwan and immigrated to Australia as a teenager. When you meet me in person next time, you can greet me with nie hao or g’day mate!
In early 2016, I learnt that Bitcoin makes exchanging value over the Internet possible for anyone without intermediaries. This discovery has radically disrupted my understanding of the existing monetary system. That also brought me from Sydney, Australia to Crypto Valley in Switzerland to begin working with prominent blockchain projects
I believe that Bitcoin and other applications of blockchain are here to challenge the status quo. However, in my humble opinion, everyone should understand the very first use case (and the most successful one) of blockchain, Bitcoin, before diving into any crypto/blockchain projects or purchasing any “tokens”.
It’s always about the journey, not the destination. I sincerely invite you to join the journey down this beautiful rabbit hole to learn about Bitcoin, our world, the financial system and the technology! Trust me - it gets more and more interesting and fascinating and I haven’t got bored since then.
When I’m not reading about the latest Bitcoin news, you can find me on a yoga mat, hiking in the mountains, or baking no carbs cakes.

Let’s begin the journey!

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