Where to next?

So, now you’ve gone through Bitcoin 101. Hooray! But wait, there’s more! The journey never ends. For more advanced content, such as privacy, nodes, lightning, and so on, please head to getbitcoin.help. My contribution focuses on the fundamentals.

Here’s a couple of suggestions on where you can continue from here.

How to get bitcoins/sats

  • Earn it
    When you have a business, hands down this is the best way. Start invoicing your clients in bitcoin, especially for the cross-border payments. Make bitcoin as one of the currencies like USD and EURO. Some businesses and merchants have already adopted bitcoin as one of the payment options with the open-source application, BTCPay Server. The setup is a bit more advanced. I have one set up through B369 GmbH.
  • OTC (over-the-counter)
    No, this is not about buying medicines without a prescription. It’s about getting your bitcoins outside the exchanges. When you ask around, you might find some Bitcoiners in your trusted network that you can get your first bitcoin from directly.
  • Get it on centralised exchanges (KYC)
    To sign up an account, you will need to provide your identifications, link your bank account and transfer the fiat currencies to this account in order to buy some bitcoins. It works like a traditional bank or stock exchange account.
  • Here’s a listof Bitcoin exchanges worldwide in major countries.
  • Get it on decentralised exchanges (non-KYC)
    It’s also called peer-to-peer exchanges. It’s much more private as no registrations are required. It takes more effort to set up but the privacy aspect definitely makes it worthwhile.
  • Mining
    Back in the early days, mining bitcoins could be done using a spare laptop you have at home. Nowadays, there’re mining machines with high computing power specifically made for this. Running such machines at home might not be ideal as it will generate high amount of heat and noise. And it’s not so profitable if you don’t have access to cheap energy. In fact, mining farms are huge business in certain countries. Mining isn’t the recommended way to get your bitcoins as an individual.

Join the community Meetups

This is by far the best way to meet and learn from your fellow Bitcoiners. You usually get to know some active and well-known Bitcoiners only through their Twitter handles. During the Meetups, you might bump into one or two of them from time to time depending on the location. Another thing about attending the Meetups is that you get to ask questions in person and be part of the global community!
Just be mindful that not all Bitcoin/blockchain Meetups are only about Bitcoin even their names say so. Some also cover other topics like Ethereum, Defi and other type of blockchain projects. Please do your due-diligence and be safe.
For Bitcoin-only Meetups in your local cities, check out this list

Continue learning and reading

There’s always something to learn especially Bitcoin, as a technology, is still young. The first genesis block was mined on 3 January 2009. Please head to the Education section on the footer of this page. You’ll find more resources to satisfy your curious mind. Keep learning. Stay humble, stack sats.